Need help with color or decorating? I’ve made it simple to get the help you need.

You may have discovered that there is a lot to know about color. You have an awareness of undertones, and understand that they are important to get right. You may have uncertainty right now, and may be fearful of making an expensive mistake trying to do it alone. You desperately want to get it right and you don’t want to waste time and money.

I understand this and want to help you, so I’ve decided to offer eDesign consultations to get you the help you need. This process is done via email.  I then give you my advice for color or decorating selections in the form of pictures and specifications.

I have a certificate in Interior Design, as well as a certificate as a True Colour Expert. WHY HIRE A TRUE COLOUR EXPERT™? Through this color training, I’ve developed my ability to clearly identify undertones of neutrals, and how to coordinate neutrals with neutrals and neutrals with colors. I use a proven system to guide these color decisions. The color training, my ability to work with existing elements, and my passion for what I do are what set me apart from most designers and decorators. If you’d like to read about my color mentor, please visit https://mariakillam.com/. She has been in the industry for many years. There is a wealth of knowledge about color and design on her blog.

     PAINT COLORS—If you need help selecting paint colors, it’s best to have at least some or most of the interior design elements like a sofa, draperies, area rug, architectural elements, etc. already picked out.  These design elements and their relationships with each other provide the direction for paint colors. If you are starting fresh, you can begin with an inspiration piece of artwork, existing furnishings, along with the chosen architectural elements (unless you need helping selecting those). Thus,  it’s best that PAINT COLORS ARE SELECTED AS A LAST STEP.

I carry Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and Behr full lines of paint chips.

     ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS—These fixed elements such as tile, wood flooring, exterior siding, etc. should be selected prior to or at the same time of selecting paint colors, when possible. If you get samples of these fixed elements, I can direct you as to which will and will not work, and the why and why not.

     DECORATING ELEMENTS—I can help you pick out decorating elements, sourced online. 


  • First, I gather information about you: your style and your home with a detailed questionnaire. I will ask you to tell me about your home, your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. I will ask if you have any ideas you would like for me to consider.
  • I will have you share photos with me. You’ll receive instructions on exactly what I need. However, in order to see color on a computer screen, I will need you to take photos without a flash (a flash is very bad for interior color) during the day, in good natural daylight, so that we can get a good sense of your home’s existing elements, feel and layout so I can tailor my suggestions perfectly for you. It’s important to know that natural light is essential for seeing colors accurately.
  • Then I will assess all of your information, determine the existing undertones, and come up with the best color selections and suggestions to make your home beautiful.
  • I will send them to you with photos and reasons for all my specifications for your home. This way you can feel confident moving forward with your project and that it will all come together beautifully, rather than just hoping for the best.


  • Once I’ve seen about 6 photos of any given room from all angles, for example, I can see which undertones you are working with. Oftentimes, I will recommend that you place a piece of white poster board behind what you are trying to match or the recommended color swatches in order to best determine the color undertone. If I can’t see the color correctly for some reason, I will notify you immediately and process a refund.
  • Consulting this way takes a good amount of leg work, but you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, creating your own personalized home, with reassuring direction from an expert whose aesthetic you trust.


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