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Alison Sizemore

Hello, I am Alison Sizemore and it is nice to meet you. I own

I am a Color Consultant, Interior Designer, and DIY Interior Design Blogger.

I specialize in Color Consulting for paint colors, architectural elements, and decorating elements, as well as Interior Design coaching and teaching DIY Interior Design on my Blog.

I have a great passion for not only practicing, but teaching interior design so that people can create the homes of their dreams. I have a Certificate in Professional Interior Design, a Certificate as a True Colour Expert™, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I am a busy mom and wife and I am constantly learning, teaching, and doing interior design projects. I feel that if your environment is beautiful, uncluttered, and organized, you live a more comfortable, inspired life thus increasing your ability to create, work, and live a more fulfilled life.

My design aesthetic has evolved over the years to be classic, comfortable, and glamorous with a modern edge. I can help you decorate your home incorporating the latest styles while remaining classic, so that your home won’t be outdated when the next trends come around.

If you are here solely to follow my Blog, my goal for you is to be more empowered by increasing your confidence in doing your own interior design, save you time by giving information you need from one location in order to begin designing, and to save you money by not needing to hire an interior designer. While I do support hiring a professional such as myself, there are many people who just don’t have the room in their budgets to do so, or they prefer to do it themselves for personal fulfillment.

On the other hand, for more difficult design decisions, such as placement of kitchen appliances, walls, doors/windows, or electrical components, I recommend contacting professionals to do the job. Those type of decisions go beyond cosmetic design and decoration, which is what this blog addresses. This free blog is designed to provide the basics of interior design concepts, inspiring photos, and do-it-yourself projects. I hope that you enjoy it and will gain interior design empowerment!

Best Regards,

Interior Designer and Certified True Colour Expert

I look forward to helping you develop your design aesthetic.